Thursday, October 1, 2009

"I live every day like it's the First of October..." - M.I.A. feat Blaqstar

Paper Planes is my jam for that one line alone.

Well, I was running out of ideas to celebrate my birthday--23 times is a lot (not really)--but alas, I came up with one more plan.

Let's's agenda:
1) Sleep in.
2) Pick up package at UPS from my parents.
3) Go to Nordstrom Rack with Paige.
4) Gather banana split makings.
5) Have a splendid get together, perfect because of the combination of my favorite dessert and some of my favorite people :)
6) "Wind down."
7) Sleep.

...all in a day's work.


paige said...

#3 is going to be glorious. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Kels H. said...

Correction to number four: please add that I'm the official grocery shopping companion. I really really REALLY want that title.


The Ballards said...

I'm sad I missed the party. I miss you, man! Geez, it's been forever. Happy Birthday! I love you!